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Company NameYoho Technology Co., Limited
Business Nature:Manufacturer
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Last Online:17 Jan, 2018
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  1.       support K-Lines¡¢Can BUS  cables 2.       used 32-bit processor, the computing power and the compatibility more stronger 3.       big flash volume , support the cpu extend,can be last upgrade 4.       high screen Resolution,richer information 5.       suport system checked, can be checked the  error online  6.       upgrade easy and fast,support online upgrade 7.       Man-machine interface more friendly, more convenient operation, easy to learn and use support system since the detection, on-line check system failures 8.       support multiple languages, such as Chinese, English, Spanish language, Italian, etc. and can be upgraded to expand online 9.       Input convenience, use of multi-function digital keyboard, supports digital Shortcuts 10.    nice looks and generous, using ergonomic design, feel well, easy to control 11.    shell with durable materials, applicable to the complex working environment   Functions: "MT20U",        "Read DTCs",        "Clear DTCs",        "Live Data",               "Air Pressure",               "Air Pressure", //10               "Battery Voltage",//11               "Battery Voltage",               "Raw MAP", //12               "Raw MAP",               "Air Temperature",//13               "Air Temperature",               "Raw coolant",///14               "Raw coolant",///14               "Water Tempreature",               "Water Tempreature",//15               "Spark Advance",//16               "Spark Advance",//16               "Main Spark Adv.",//"Main spark advance w/o offsets",//17               "Main Spark Adv.",               "ESC retard Cyl.1",//20               "ESC retard Cyl.1",//20               "ESC retard Cyl.2",//21               "ESC retard Cyl.2",//21               "ESC retard Cyl.3",//22               "ESC retard Cyl.3",//22               "ESC retard Cyl.4",//23               "ESC retard Cyl.4",//23               "TPS(mV)", //24               "TPS(mV)",               "TPS(%)", //25               "TPS(%)",               "Speed",//26               "Speed",//26               "Engine RPM",//27//28               "Engine RPM",               "Inject Pulse Width",//29//30               "Inject Pulse Width",//29//30               "Idle Air Control",//31               "Idle Air Control",               "Airflow_Integral",//32               "Airflow_Integral",               "Desired Idle Speed",//33               "Desired Idle Speed",               "O2 cross over",//38               "O2 cross over",               "Fuel Tank Vent",//39               "Fuel Tank Vent",               "Air-fuel ratio",//40               "Air-fuel ratio",               //statusbyte injector fault isolation test //50               "Inject Fault test",               "Inject Fault test",               "Statusbyte 2",//44               "Statusbyte 2",        "Group ON/OFF",               "Check Light",               "Check Light",               "(CCP)",               "(CCP)",               "Fuel Pump Relay",               "Fuel Pump Relay",               "A/C Cutoff Relay",               "A/C Cutoff Relay",               "Fan 1",               "Fan 1",               "Fan 2",               "Fan 2",        "Group Control",               "Dwell Time",               "Dwell Time",               "Spark Advance",               "Spark Advance",               "Idle Adjust(Park)",               "Idle Adjust(Park)",               "Idle Adjust(Drive)",               "Idle Adjust(Drive)",               "Air Fuel Ratio",               "Air Fuel Ratio",               "EGR Pulse Ratio",               "EGR Pulse Ratio",               "Volumetric Eff." ,               "Volumetric Eff." ,               "Idle Air Control",               "Idle Air Control",               "C.C.P.",               "C.C.P.",        "Group Activate",               "Ignition Spark Test",               "Ignition Spark Test",               "Inject Cutoff Test",               "Inject Cutoff Test",               "Inject fault iso.",               "Inject fault iso.",               "Factory Test",               "Factory Test",               "Ignition Test",               "Ignition Test",        "Group Reset",               "Air Control Learn",               "Air Control Learn",               "O2 BLM Cells",               "O2 BLM Cells",               "K.C.S.C.",               "K.C.S.C.", "MT20U2&UED",        "Read DTCs",        "Clear DTCs", "ITMS-6F",        "Read DTCs",        "Clear DTCs", "ABS",        "Read DTCs",        "Clear DTCs"

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